Run Manders Run!

I did not know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month until I read this post over at Latina Bloggers Connect earlier today. Appropriately, I got back on track with running this week. Claudia and I went running on Sunday morning, and while our time was lousy (2.88 miles in 48:27 min), it felt good to be out there (Side note: Lesson learned – if it’s between the months of May and September, we are no longer going to be out running after 10am. It was so humid my hands and face swelled up to double their size). I went running again last night, and did better than Sunday, 3.87 miles in 1:04:45.

I’m registered for the ALS Recovery 10K this coming Saturday morning, so I’m hoping to get another run in before then. Additionally, I registered for next April’s Key Biscayne Half Marathon last night (price was 50%, woot!), and will be signing up for The Color Run Miami, taking place October 21st. That will put me at six registered races between now and next April, and whatever else may come along (directed and WB and Claudia: *cough, cough*). Registering for races keeps me accountable and motivated since I know I have to go out there and train for them.

Training during the summer will probably be less frequent (see first paragraph above), but I’ll definitely get out there as often as possible. I’ve got all those races after September, and I’ve got to keep building my resistance and distance if I want to get good results.

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