I’m at SheCon12!!

After working a half-day, I rushed home to pick up Eric and the boys, then we rushed up to Orlando. For that last bit, the term rushed is very loose, as we couldn’t do much rushing due to the holiday weekend (duh), and some traffic near the turnpike exit due to area brush fires. It took us almost 45 minutes to travel 3 miles! But we got to the resort just in time for me to participate in and help with the Wine Sisterhood Sassy Suite. I have already made some valuable connections, and saw old friends Melanie (Modern Mami) and Myrah (Coupon Mamacita). I also had a lovely chat with the inspiring Miss Lori.

I’m sitting in the conference room now, waiting for the fabulous Aliza Sherman to begin her session. I’m looking forward to the seven sessions I’ll be attending today. It’s going to be a busy day, but I’m so glad I’m here.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that it was so nice getting to talk with you at SheCon ’12.

  2. It was so nice to see you again! Even if for just a quick bit…glad you made it!

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