I Blame My Pants

I ran the ALS Recovery 10K this morning, in honor of the memory of my childhood friends’ dad, who died from this terrible degenerative disease almost 16 years ago. This is my second year participating in the event, but last year I signed up as a walker so I was not officially timed (I hadn’t declared myself a runner yet…).

I’m still waiting for the official results to be posted, but according to my running app, I completed the 10K in 1:27:26. This includes a few seconds of fiddling with my phone after crossing the finish line to stop the app.

Here are my stats by mile, according to RunKeeper:
Pace (min/mi)

My previous two recorded 10K times were 1:28:24 during the ING Half Marathon on January 29th, and 1:24:23 during the Carnaval Miami 10K on February 26th (note to self: you never blogged about this!).

I’m glad to see I’m still in my range, as I hardly trained for this race, but I know I could have done better, and I blame my pants. Allow me to explain: The cropped running pants I always wear to run were dirty from training during the week, and I realized this around 11pm last night (2nd note to self: buy another pair of these pants). I was certainly not going to stay up any later prior to a race day, so I found my other exercise pants, which are a bit thicker and longer, and laid them out with the rest of my running outfit for the morning. While my first couple of miles went pretty well, as I was approaching the 3rd mile, I felt unusually uncomfortable, and figured out my legs felt very sweaty and hot. Additionally, around mile 4 I got that annoying blister I sometimes get on the arch of my right foot. So I’m blaming my pants for me not having better results during today’s race.

That being said, it was great to be a part of Team Ferd again this year, and to honor Ferd’s memory, who was always so kind to my sister and I. The memories of spending time with him and his daughters are part of my favorite childhood memories, summers at the Hilyard, and this is the least I can do for him and anyone else living with or becoming a victim of ALS.

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