As They Grow

The boys were overdue for their well-check visits, and Matty needed an updated immunization form for his kindergarten registration, so off we went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon.

Brandon’s vitals were great. He’s currently 4 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 79.8 lbs, and has 20/25 vision. He’s in the 51st percentile for height, and 85th for weight. Matty’s iron was just a little bit low (from last year’s blood work), but other than that, he was lookin’ good too: he’s 40.5 inches tall, weighs 33.5 pounds, and has 20/40 vision. He’s steady in his range, at 15th percentile. It’s so funny to me how different they are. Brandon definitely got his body type from my side of the family, while Matty is small-framed just like his dad’s side.

Matty needed three shots for his immunizations to be up to date for kindergarten. He was so brave, and we rewarded him with a visit to Toys R Us afterwards. Fortunately, he won’t need any more shots until age 11. Same for Brandon, he lucked out this time and is safe, as he said, for another two years. So they are ready for the upcoming school year: Brandon for 4th and Matty for Kindergarten (When did they get so BIG?!).

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