Crime and Punishment

Since our return from vacation, B has been slacking at school. There were two particular days that he decided not to complete any work at all. It was the last week of the grading period, and this behavior brought grades down from seven A’s and two high B’s, with a GPA at 3.73, to four A’s, two low B’s and one high C’s, with a GPA of 3.44. While overall this is a pretty good average, that C ruined his chances at honor roll, something he practically had in the bag prior to those two days of incomplete work. We penalized him by taking away his Wii and DS privileges, and that was working…or so we thought.

A couple of weeks back, he had a 3-day weekend due to a teacher work day. I asked him if he had any work to do, as he and his classmates had been preparing for the FCAT and I suspected he would have at least a reading packet to do. He said no, but come Monday afternoon his after-school care teacher told us to look in his bag, as he had incomplete work from the previous Thursday. We decided he would be writing lines, “I will be more responsible” 100 times for five days. Although some would think this pointless, at the very least he had to do extra writing due to his laziness, and maybe the repetition of the sentence would sink in.

Do we know if it worked? We won’t know until next week. He’s had FCAT testing all week and hasn’t had any homework. I do know that he very much dislikes having to do lines when he could otherwise be reading or playing, so we sure hope so. Have your kids behaved similarly? How have you handled it?

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