Hoping this post doesn’t disappear…

I still have no idea what happened to the three posts from last week about Brandon’s honor roll and our trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure. One possibility is that there was some sort of host crash and they reverted to a previous day. Either way, I don’t quite have the time this week to repost everything so I may do a shorter version of them soon.

In other news, today is WB‘s birthday!! Happy day to you, my friend!

Also wanted to share that yesterday Claudia and I were lucky enough to meet one of my favorite authors Jen Lancaster. I stumbled upon her book tour information via Twitter, and was jumping for joy when I saw she was finally coming to Florida. I immediately made plans to be there, no matter what. We were there super early, and had a snack at the cafe while we waited for the event to start. We went into the room Jen would be speaking in around 7:40pm, and had seats front and center. Jen arrived 10 minutes early, and she chatted and engaged in “awkward small talk” with the small audience. We also got to vote on whether she would read a passage from her most recent book “If You Were Here”, or from her upcoming book “Jeneration X”. The majority of us chose “Jeneration X”, and it was hilarious (as was expected). A Q&A was next, followed by pictures and book signings.

Because we were seated in the front row, we were about fifth in line, which was great as I had to rush out of there and get home so hubby could go work his night shift. She was so sweet, and is as funny in person as in her books. Tiene tremenda chispa. According to her blog, she’ll be on a national book tour with the release of “Jeneration X”, so hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to see her again soon.

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