A month later…

We just got back Friday night from an awesome road trip to Georgia. However, before I start telling you all about this past week, I owe you all a post about our President’s Day weekend trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure. We hadn’t been there since July 2009, and it our first time not only riding The Mummy, but also our first visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Since my two detailed posts regarding this trip mysteriously disappeared, here’s a visual synopsis (below the fold).


Meeting Shrek and Donkey

Walk like an Egyptian…

Meeting Curious George and Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat. I was definitely more excited about this than the boys were.

Islands of Adventure:

A bunch of Things.

Matty got an autograph from his favorite superhero.

My little actors.

And last but not least, Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Our first view of Hogsmeade

At the Station

Hogwarts at dusk

Drinks at Hog’s Head Pub with friends. Always so nice to stalk and spend time with the Pereira’s.

I was not a Potterhead (not to be confused with pothead, as that’s something else entirely) before, but after seeing the wonderful job Universal did at the park, I’m going to be reading all six remaining books (I read the first) and see the movies so that I can understand all the magnificent details.

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