Another Half Marathon under my belt!

The ING Miami Half Marathon was a week ago, and I’m so happy to report that I rocked it!

On Saturday, hubby, the boys and I picked up my sister and we headed off to Miami Beach to pick up our runner packets. We had lunch at Shake Shack before heading to the Expo (hmm…maybe this is my lucky charm!). I’d never been to an Expo before, it was so fun! I found the perfect sticker for my car at the One More Mile booth. I also signed up for the Carnaval Miami 10K at the end of this month while there.

Because my sister lives just a few blocks from where the race start line was, I ended up sleeping over at her apartment. We woke up at 4:15am to get ready, and were out the door by 5am. We got to the site in about 15 minutes. As we weaved through the crowds, my stomach felt super weird and I thought the oatmeal, banana and small cup of coffee I had for breakfast might have been too much, but I later realized it was just nerves. Once we went to my assigned corral ( letter I, also known as the slowpokes), the crowd was less menacing. Our corral was “released” at 6:43am, 28 minutes after the official race start time.

Throughout the race, I did not deviate from my 2 minute run/2 minute walk, even when I got really tired around mile 10. I kept going and telling myself, “I can do this!”, and I did. When I crossed the finish line, the digital clock said 3:38:??, so I calculated using the late corral start time and thought I had completed it in less than 3 hours, but my official time showed otherwise. No matter, I ended up beating my time from last October’s Halloween Half by 9 minutes and 9 seconds.

I already signed up for next year’s ING Half, and my goal is definitely to complete it under 3 hours. And I’ve got plenty of time to convince Claudia and WB to join me…

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3 Responses to Another Half Marathon under my belt!

  1. Claro says:

    Great job! I have no doubt that you will reach your goal of under three minutes.

  2. Claro says:

    I meant three hours, so used to swimming times now.

  3. Claudia says:

    Woohoo! Good job on sticking to the intervals!

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