I finally went to an allergist last week, something I should have done a long, long time ago. I had a hunch I was allergic to the items I had a reaction to, but I’m glad it’s confirmed through testing so that I can avoid exposure (if possible).

Here’s my arm after the scratch test. The red blotch on my upper forearm? Allergy to grass and tree pollens. The irritated area by my wrist confirmed my allergy to weeds. No wonder I immediately get contact dermatitis when I help hubby clean up the backyard!

Intradermal testing confirmed the allergy to grasses, and also concluded that I am also allergic to dustmites, mosquitoes and cockroaches. I was definitely not surprised about the dustmites and mosquitoes, but roaches? Ewww! Good thing I prefer to be as far from them as possible anyway.

I’m now on a daily antihistamine, and hopefully that will help ease the frequency of my allergic reactions. The doctor also recommended allergy shots, but I think I’ll stick to the little pills. With peak allergy season coming up, I’m really glad I went.

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