Our Mini David Beckham

The boys started playing soccer on the second Saturday of December. They had just two weekends of games before they went on winter break. I am not exaggerating when I say that they asked me at least 10 times during the last three weeks when they got to play soccer again. Today was our first game back, and Matty was the star of his team. They won the game 9 to 2, and he scored all but one of the goals. He was even the only player on the team for a little while. He’s in the ages 3-5 team, so it’s full of little ones that get easily distracted. At one point, three of the kids were sitting out, another was kind of wondering off, and Matty was the only one on the field with the opposing team. He ended up scoring twice during that time!

Not only does he love the game and is good at it, but he’s also very fast! If you’ve ever seen Matty run, you know those little legs can move. We never really thought about it before, but he might have a potential sports career ahead of him. As long as he keeps loving it, we’re going to encourage him and help him reach his full potential as our little soccer superstar.

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