My Baby Boy is Five!

Five years ago, right around this time, I had an itty bitty baby boy in my arms. (If you’re interested, his birth story can be found here). He was tiny, but so feisty, and that hasn’t changed one bit.

He’s stubborn like him mommy (and his Nina). Don’t judge him by his size, he’s got huge attitude and personality. But he’s so very sweet, cariƱoso, as we say in Spanish. And funny, he loves playing jokes and being silly.

He’s fearless, if it weren’t for height restrictions he’d ride everything at the theme parks. He’s the jock of the family. He’s great at soccer, and says he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. He has an adorable lisp, and has quirky little things he says now that I know we’ll miss him saying when he outgrows them. My two current favorites are “Nery Mind” (Never Mind), and “But I Forgot!” when he wants or doesn’t want something and immediately changes his mind about it.

He’s in Pre-K now, and can’t wait till he’s in Kindergarten in the Fall so that he can be in the same school as his big brother (I don’t yet have the heart to tell him he’ll be on a different campus). He adores Brandon and wants to be just like him. He made our family complete.

Happy birthday my pulguita! We love you to infinity and beyond!

(last day as a 4 year old)

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