It’s a Mario Party!!

We celebrated the boys’ birthday this past Sunday. We planned a “small” party (if you consider 45 people “small”) at home, with just our family and closest friends. It was thrown together in just over a week, as the day after Brandon’s birthday is when we decided we were having it. The boys picked their party theme right away, Super Mario Brothers/Mario Kart. Given the popularity of the games and characters, I thought we’d have an easy enough time buying party supplies and favors. But that was very presumptuous of me: the only place I could find Mario Bros. party favors was online, and there just wasn’t enough time to order things to arrive on time and not spend a fortune on shipping. So the light-bulb in my head lit up a few days ago and we improvised.

I bought plastic plates in red and blue, and plastic tablecloths in blue and green. The goody bags were red, blue, and green. Inside we put Mario stickers (fortunately they had Mario sticker sheets at the party store), packs of Mario fruit snacks, a pencil, a small bottle of bubbles, and plastic gold coins.

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I ordered 4 dozen cupcakes from Publix, a dozen each with red, blue, yellow, and green frosting. I borrowed a tiered cupcake holder from a friend, and we placed the cupcakes around it in alternating colors. In front of it I put a plastic Mario and Luigi we found at Target in the toy section, along with a mushroom candy thingy we found at the party store. I put racer toothpicks on each cupcake, leftovers from their Cars party a few years back.

We had a couple of party games, including Pin the Tongue on Yoshi (my friend W, who is uber creative, made it last fall for her son’s party) and the prizes were the KNex Mario Kart characters.

The kids alternated between playing outside with the bubbles, bikes and scooters, and playing in the playroom. The adults mingled about, with most of the men watching football in the living room. My house was full of the people I love, and the boys had a blast. I don’t think it would have gone as well had I planned it over a few weeks’ time.

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