I NEED these shoes!

These, right here. Same model, different color. And platform. I saw them at TJ Maxx about two weeks ago, but they did not have my size (9) in the color I want. They did, however, have them in other colors in 9, so I know they’ll fit. But, I’m hung up on the particular color, and so I’m asking for your help, dear readers. I’ve been to two TJ Maxx’s and two Marshall’s in my area, a DSW, as well as did multiple google searches, and I can’t find them. I am looking for the copper-ish color (it’s not the chocolate brown, or the taupe, it’s in between, and has a little shimmer to it. But, not patent leather) with a platform heel. My sister saw them last week, but they were not platform, which were not as comfortable as those with the added inch. At four inches high I tower over hubby, but that doesn’t matter, they are fabulous!

Help? Please? If you find them, I’ll PayPal you the money, plus shipping!

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