DIY Memory Box

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m participating in Smarty Pants Mama’s SmartMamaLUTION. Today’s task was to make a do-it-yourself memory box. I loved the box SPM chose, and I had seen those boxes at Target. But when I went this morning to get one, they did not have any colors I liked that would lend itself to this project. They had the glittery red box, and the glittery green box, but they looked too Christmas-y for this. I was in line waiting to pay for our other stuff (lines were out of hand! Reminded me of Black Friday…), and I told Brandon to run over to the kids’ storage stuff and bring whatever small box he could find. I didn’t know what designs they had, but he came back with the perfect box. He is so proud that he got to pick the box for this special project!

For less than $4 (the box was $2.99 + tx, and we already had index cards, surplus from our back to school shopping), and less than five minutes, we put it together. We filled out two cards, one for yesterday, and one for today. I told him we’d think about the day’s memorable moment throughout the evening every day, and write it down just before bedtime. It’s going to be our new routine tradition.

What do you think? I have to go the the office supply store and get the recipe box dividers to separate the cards by month, but I love how cute and easy it was.

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