Vacay, Part 2

(Please forgive the delay in posting this. A huge project at work had me not even knowing my name for over a week. For Part 1, go here)

Day four of our vacation found us at Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. After a quick breakfast, hubby, the boys and I jumped on the ferry to get onto the island for the busy day ahead. The grandmas opted out of the excursion, but did spend some time on the island on their own.

We chose the “Explore by Land and Sea” tour to maximize our visit, which featured several stops by…well…land and sea. The first one was just few blocks from the port, where we went on the Nautilus, a semi-submarine that took us over two shipwrecks on a tour of Cheeseburger Reef. The boys were in awe of all the underwater beauty, and were very excited when a diver fed the fish right outside our windows.

Once we were back on dry land, our guide took us through a couple of the island’s six districts, including Seven Mile Beach in West Bay, on our way to Boatswain’s Turtle Farm. We had so much fun at the Turtle Farm, carrying and touching turtles of all different sizes. We were tempted to sneak a couple of the babies into my purse to take home, they were so cute!

We were are the Turtle Farm for about an hour before getting back on the road to our next stop, the Tortuga Rum Company. This is definitely where all the rum went! We sampled delicious rum and cakes, and then re-boarded the bus and we were off to Hell. Yes, we went to Hell, and back. (I’ll pause while you finish laughing). Of course I wanted to send a postcard from “Hell”, and WB and sherlock were the lucky recipients. Not only are they one of the few people we know who’d appreciate the gesture, but also one of the few people whose address I had on me. So nine days later, our postcard arrived at Pereiraville, and my friends laughed, just as I knew they would.

We got back on board the ship, freshened up, and headed off to dinner. We were quite exhausted from the two days of excursions, so we went to bed fairly early. Our last day of vacation was another day at sea. Morning greeted us with more views of Cuba, this time the Northwestern views around Pinar Del Rio. We ate breakfast leisurely, enjoying the view on the Lido Deck. We then headed to the top deck for a round of mini-golf, which proved to be challenging with gusts of wind around us. At times it felt like Matty would be picked up and blown away.

After our mini-golf tournament, we walked around the ship for a while, went into the duty-free stores for the last time on board, and headed to the Fun Farewell show. We were treated to free drinks during the show, which was a lovely treat. The boys wanted some as well, so they each got Rum Punch without the rum (uh…plain punch?). Then we headed off to the dining room for our last dinner on board with our awesome waitstaff.

Before we knew it, morning had arrived and it was time to disembark. Thankfully the process went smoothly, and we were home by around 11am. You’d think we’d put down our bags and just relax at home for the rest of the day, but you’d be wrong. We jumped in the car and headed to Disney for a day and a half, to maximize the rest of our week-long vacation. Yup, we’re crazy like that! It was totally worth it, too. We spent a couple of hours at Hollywood Studios on Thursday evening, and made sure to wake up early enough on Friday morning to be at the Magic Kingdom when the park opened. We saw the opening show, as well as met the Mayor. Thirty-plus years I’ve been going to Disney, and I’d never had the chance to meet the Mayor. I’m not sure who was more excited: me or the boys. We had a full day at the park, and did as much as we could while we were there. We’ve been there dozens of times, but never get tired of the happiest place on earth.

So that’s it, our vacation, in a not-so-small nutshell! We definitely have to make it a point to go on a real vacation at least once a year.

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