Long Overdue

We returned from our vacation over ten days ago, and it is just now that I have a moment to log onto this blog to write this post. Just two days before we were leaving, we noticed that our water heater was leaking. There wasn’t enough time to get the plumber to the house before we left, so we shut off the valve on the water heater, shut off the main water valve, and hoped for the best.
It took several days after our return for hubby to have a day off, and he and his dad got a new water heater and installed it on Wednesday. (Special thanks to my sister and my BFF Viv for allowing us to come over for warm showers). The next day was the long awaited premiere of Breaking Dawn, but not before we all headed my aunt’s house after work and school for my little cousin’s birthday dinner. This past Sunday was the first day after our return that we spent more than three waking hours at home.
All this to say, been meaning to fill you all in on our vacation adventures since our return (and believe me, there’s lots to tell!), but life happens. Thank you for your patience!

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