Though I have not gone running as often as I should, I’m pretty confident I’ll do well on Saturday at the Halloween Half. The goal, after all, is to finish, and I anticipate finishing around the 3-hour mark. Claudia and I went running on Sunday morning, and we did pretty well. We did 8.78 miles in two hours and 18 minutes, at a 15:44 minute per mile pace.

But our run was not without a bit of adventure. First, we saw an egret by the shore of the lake we ran around, but it wasn’t a typical all-white one. This one had a grayish-black back, and it was so pretty. About halfway through our run, we had to go to the bathroom, so we cut through rough, treacherous terrain (i.e. an area of landscaping next to a condo community to cut through to a main street) to get to Publix, where we emptied our bladders and had a bit of water for the rest of our journey. And throughout our run we encountered many doggies walking their people, and several bike riders that wanted to run us over. We ended our run at Claudia’s parents’ house, where we once again refueled with water before walking back to her house.

We were both pleasantly surprised by how well we ran, we’ll have to duplicate the breakfast we had that morning (oatmeal with honey, a banana, and a bit of coffee), as it sat well and gave us just the right amount of energy. We even ended up doubling up some of our 2-run, 2-walk intervals, running 4 minutes and walking 2 a few times.

I’m eagerly awaiting Saturday, and am so excited that WB will be coming into town and running it with us.

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