Costume Conundrum

I was on the hunt for Brandon’s Halloween costume for what seemed like forever. The only thing he wanted to dress up as was Wolverine, and he’s grown so much that a Medium sized costume just doesn’t fit him anymore. I spent days looking for a Large and couldn’t find it. I had a hunch that Party City would have it, but the cost there was significantly more than at Target and Walmart, so the hunt began. I went to five Targets and two Walmarts in the span of a week, I even checked online. I would come across several Mediums, but no Large.
There’s a Party City across the street from my office, so I decided that if I found a coupon online, I’d go see if they had it. Lo and behold, I found a “25%, This Tuesday Only!” coupon, and thankfully they had it in stock, so I got him his costume for just $2 more than I would have paid at the other stores.

I had the opposite problem with Matty. He picked out his costume three weeks ago, and we bought it right away. It never occurred to me to try it on him, until Tuesday when Brandon tried on his (after all that searching, I had to make sure it would work, and it did…barely. Who switched my little boy with this almost-man? But I digress…). He picked out the Superman costume with the built in muscles in a Small. He is tiny that the muscles were at least an inch off his shoulders, and the front bulged out awkwardly.

He really is so petite that I have recurring issues with his wardrobe: He’s smaller than 3T for bottoms, but the arm and leg length is too short. 4T is fine for tops, and bottoms aren’t even an option. I told him he’d have to choose another character, in case we couldn’t find his costume in a smaller size. His alternate choice was Captain America. This time, I hunted down three Targets and one Walmart. Guess where I ended up last night? Unfortunately, I didn’t have a coupon this time so I paid full price for his Toddler 4T Captain America costume. Lesson learned: either as them what they want to be in September, so the sizes are available, or go straight to Party City (armed with coupons, of course). But they are both happy, so I’m happy, and I can always sell them online next year…I can’t wait to share pictures of my cute little superheroes!

What are you and/or the kids dressing up as this year?

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