Stealing the premise for this post from my sister’s 12 in 12 updates. I didn’t commit to any particular number of races when I first started running during Spring of this year. It has turned out to be quite a number of races though.

May 7th: ALS 5K – untimed, but you may recall I was pushing 58 pounds.

June 5th: Twilight 5K – 38:41

September 10th: Tunnel to Towers 5K – 38:27

September 24th: MCH 5K – 37:58

October 29th: registered for Halloween Half

November 5th: registered for Reason to Run for pediatric cancer 5K

November 24th: Will be registering myself and the boys for the Turkey Trot. Not sure if I’ll be doing the 5K or 10K.

January 29th, 2012: registered for ING Half Marathon

That last one I just registered for last night. WB advised me to wait until I did the Halloween Half, just to see if it was something I’d enjoy doing or not. But, the price was going to increase today, so I decided to just do it. I’m a bit anxious, especially since I haven’t run a half before, but I figure I have 3 months between the two to get ready for it (if I totally bomb the Halloween Half).

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