Day Trip to Key West

Last Saturday night, I mentioned to hubby that we haven’t been to Key West in about two years, so the following day that’s exactly what we did. We woke up on Sunday, packed up the kids, and drove South for three hours. My friend and neighbor W and her son joined us as well, and we had a lovely day!

We had brunch at Croissants De France, an adorable little French place where my friend happened to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary 2 years ago. We ate galletes (fancy word for crepe), yummy desserts from their delectable bakery, and foamy lattes.

Afterwards, we walked over to the Southernmost point and took a few pictures from across the street as the line to stand by the monument ran halfway down the block. Then we walked to the Key West Aquarium, where the kids had a blast! The little ones loved the touch tank, and Brandon volunteered to feed a shark. By the time we left the Aquarium it was 6pm, so we crossed the street, had some ice cream, and called it a day.

Key West is so close and so much fun, we definitely have to do that more often. But I’m thinking we’re going to avoid it during the scorching summer months, it was just way too hot.

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  1. wRitErsbLock says:

    one of these days I’ll get down there

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