Twilight 5K

Last Sunday evening, I ran my first timed 5K. My sis and C also participated, and we had several cheerleaders including: hubby, the boys and my mom; C’s hubby, her boys and her mom; my dad and stepmom, and my stepmom’s mom (my stepgrandma? is that a real term?)

I ran the first mile without stopping alongside C, reaching it at 12:44, but had to slow down and walk for a bit. At that point, my sister, who usually runs in a 2min run/2min walk pattern, was close by, so I stayed with her the rest of the way. She had a stomach virus just three days before, and was not feeling well, so my reasons were two-fold: make sure she was okay, and stay at her pace since she’s a seasoned runner.

Once we knew we were close to the finish line, roughly five minutes away, we ran the whole way there. My sister sped up, but we made it to the finish line just 4 seconds apart. She crossed the finish line at 38:37, and I made it at 38:41. My long term goal is under 30 minutes, but my goal for this race was to make it to the finish line under 40 minutes, and I did!

After all the 5K runners passed the finish line, they held the kids’ races with different distances for different age groups. Matty participated in the 3-4 year olds race, running 200 feet, and Brandon participated in the 8-10 year olds race, running 800 feet. Matty was “faster than Sonic”, as he said, and he was third or forth to finish his race.

B, on the other hand, was tired by the time his race time came around. I could tell by his expression as he passed us that he was not enjoying it, and although he was the last runner during his race, I was so proud of him for finishing it! I reminded him that “slow and steady wins the race”, and that just like mommy has been training for her big race, he can train for kids’ races and do better next time. He was content with that and is looking forward to the next one.

The boys were so excited about their medals, they took them to school the next day to show them off. And I am so proud of my two little guys, who now want to be my running partners!

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