Teenage Dreams

Took me some time to finally get around to this post, the idea for it stolen from inspired by Shannon’s. The delay was caused mostly because I couldn’t stop drooling over the pictures I found of these childhood favorites (thank you, Google). Here they are, in no particular order:

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Better known as Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell. This blond cutie was a must-see every Saturday morning. He dated Kelly and Jessie on the show, and even dated “Lisa” in real life…Why not me?!
Zach, err I mean Mark Paul grew up real nice, recently seen on NYPD Blue and Raising the Bar.

Tony Lucca

(Pictured here, under the blue “M”)
This hottie from the Mickey Mouse Club drove me bonkers. I went to Disney World a couple of times during the Mickey Mouse Club’s run, and tried looking for him in the studios, but no such luck. My love for him even drove me to apply to be on the show (both my friend Nick and I applied, and we both received very nice rejection letters. Damn.) Coincidence that his character’s name on Malibu Shores was Zack Morrison? I think not!
He’s still a hottie now, but he definitely looks better without the facial hair.

Christian Slater

CS 1
What late 80’s/early 90’s teen didn’t love Christian Slater? From his role as bad boy JD in Heathers to the romantic Lewis in Bed of Roses, Christian Slater was the epitome of cool.
CS 2
20+ years later, he’s still got it. He stars in the new series Breaking In, which premiered in early April. Please abstain from drooling on your TV.


Oh boy….if you don’t know about my crazy mad fascination with NKOTB, you haven’t been reading this blog long enough. Or don’t know me very well. Or both.
My favorite was Jonathan. The tall, quiet, intellectuals were my type back then.
JK 1
Joey was the baby of the bunch, just 13 when he joined the band, but my he grew up rather nicely…
But my favorite now is Donnie. I follow him (and most of the other “Kids”) on Twitter, and you can tell that he is just so grateful for all the fans’ continued support. Plus, he’s hilarious. They are all looking mighty fine these days though.

There you have it, the stuff my teenage dreams were made of. What about you? Who were your pretend boyfriends (or girlfriends) back in the day?

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