Pine-Sol Personality Quiz

Oh my gosh, if my head weren’t attached to my body I’d lose it!

I almost forgot to share this with you. It’s a fun little personality quiz from Pine-Sol, based on a study done by The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

I took the quiz, and my scent personality is New Garden Fresh:

You are an even-keeled person who adjusts well to whatever environment you may be in. People may think you are on the quiet side, but really you are keenly observant and love learning about the world around you. You have a knack for listening and understanding others’ predicaments – so much so that your friends and family often come to you for advice. You are trustworthy, charming and very easy to get along with.

You are most romantically compatible with New Garden Fresh or New Improved Lemon Fresh.

(hmm, I wonder if hubby would be either of the two mentioned above…)

Take this fun Science of Scent quiz for your chance to win an iPad2 and a year’s supply of Pine-Sol products. Make sure you click “continue” after the results are shown to enter the contest. It’s open to residents of the 50 states 18 years or older. The contest officially ends today, so get to it!

Be sure to leave me a comment with your Scent Personality results. =)

Disclaimer: participating in this blogger contest makes me eligible to win an iPad2 and a year´s supply of Pine-Sol.

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