Children’s Day/ Dia de Los Niños

Until very recently, I had not heard of Children’s Day/El Dia de Los Niños. I did a little research and discovered that in the United States, there’s no defined day on which to celebrate Children’s Day, though in recent years it’s been celebrated on the first or second Sunday in July. In Cuba, it’s celebrated on the third Sunday in July. Mexico celebrated just yesterday, on April 30th. Although every day should be Children’s Day, just like every day should be Mother’s or Father’s Day, it’s nice to know that there is a day designated to recognize and celebrate the young people that form our future. Why do I now feel as if I‘ve totally missed out on a great thing for years?

Now that I know that this day of celebration exists, I definitely want to start a family tradition of celebrating Children’s Day with and in honor of my two boys. I know my kids would love to spend a day doing fun things just for and honoring them.

One of the biggest names in breakfast, Kelloggs, is joining the celebration and providing families an opportunity to celebrate Children’s Day with a free trip to the movies. Here’s how:

Buy any three Kellogg cereals (8.7 oz or larger) or EGGO Waffles (6 count or larger) and receive a free kids movie pass (up to .50 value) with mail-in official order form.

Order forms can be found on special packages of Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Krispies, on tear pads available in the cereal aisle, or on EGGO freezer clings.


No matter what we do, our Children’s Day celebration will start with a healthy breakfast. Like Kelloggs, I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while most of our mornings are rushed and sometimes our breakfast is “to-go“, this particular day we will sit down to a leisurely, unrushed meal, enjoying each other’s company while starting our day off right. The rest of the day’s itinerary won’t matter, the kids will be happy that we’re spending time with them without rushing off to meet deadlines and run errands. In fact, I may make it a habit to have our own monthly Children’s Day, where nothing else matters but spending a fun-filled day with our kids.

Do you celebrate El Dia de Los Niños, or did you as a kid?

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogging program from the Kellogg Company and Latina Bloggers Connect, and this post makes me eligible to win a $35 payment. As always, all opinions are my own.

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