Lost and Found

 A little over a week ago, we had quite the scare with Sandy. Hubby let her out in our front yard without her leash for just a moment. He went in the house, and when he came back outside he saw a white car driving off with Sandy in it. He chased the car down the street, waving his arms and hollering at them to try and get their attention. That didn’t work, so he turned around to go jump in the car, but realized that by the time he would get going they would be out of our neighborhood already. He ran back inside and called me. I think if I could have gone through the phone line and wrung his neck I would have. I’ve told him a million times not to leave her in the front yard unattended, and not to walk her without a leash. She’s very good and stays within the circumference of our house, but she’s also very sweet and loves to make new “friends”. Needless to say I was frantic, but I immediately sprung into action.

There’s a vet just four blocks away, so that’s the first place I called. Sandy has been there before, so they are familiar with her and what she looks like, and I did let them know she was recently groomed so her hair is really short. Then I called the microchip company to report her as a lost pet as I couldn’t remember my log-in info on their website. They helped me log in and directed me to what part of the website to go to and set that up. It takes 15 minutes for them to receive the request and send out information to vets, animal shelters and people with their service within a 25-mile radius. By the time the notice was activated, she was found! Hubby called that someone knocked on our door to bring her back. They called the number on one of her tags and were provided our address. Hubby explained that he stepped in for just a minute and that she was home all along, not lost.

Although he still lets her out without a leash, he’s been really good about staying with her outside. He tells me all the time it’s a hassle to have her, and the house is always full of hair from her shedding, and we can’t ever just take off for a weekend because we need to plan for a doggie-sitter (blah blah, blah) but I know deep down inside he loves her and wants to keep her a part of our family. He won’t admit it, but he was just as frantic as I was for the entire (35 minute) ordeal.

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