Food trucks!

The latest craze in town are the Miami Food Trucks. I know this phenomenon has been around for some time around the country, but it hit Miami just recently. Or at least that’s what I thought, until I read this post at Burger Beast (the go-to blog for the local food truck scene). I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Latin Burger, one of my favorites, was one of the first trucks to hit the road, literally. Another family favorite is an “original” truck too. The boys love the Yellow Dogs from Yellow Submarine, Columbian style with crushed chips on top.

A few other “must-eats” are Ms. Cheezious, Mr. Good Stuff and Sugar Rush. Ms. Cheezious has amazing gourmet grilled cheeses. I’ve tried several of the items on their menu, and they’ve all been delicious. Mr. Good Stuff is both mine and my sister’s favorite. She met the owners through a mutual friend, and they were kind enough to send my grandfather, who’s been in the hospital since Tuesday, some yummy food this week. My favorite there is Green with Envy, tostones stuffed with beef brisket (known as ropa vieja in my world). A little fun fact: Local artist LEBO designed their truck.

Sugar Rush’s name says it all: Fried Oreos, Cake N Shake (Shakes with a cupcake mixed in), and Dessert Waffles grace their menu. This truck is an extension of Sweetness Bake Shop. Their cupcakes are heavenly, and any bake shop that names some of their cupcakes after the books and characters in Twilight (and True Blood) gets my thumbs’ up!

Do you have any favorite food trucks in your neck of the woods? What do they serve, and what’s your favorite “slow food” meal?

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