So much to say

If my new year resolution was to blog more, then I failed terribly! After an unintentional hiatus, I finally sat at my desk to blog a couple days ago, and I couldn’t log on. Some technical issues have now been corrected and this blog is up and running again.
I’ve got tons to write about, so I’ll begin at the beginning, which is typically the best place to start: I’m sad to report that little Butterball is in doggie heaven. Just a few days after his 1st birthday, he was playing catch with his owner (my coworker) and ran into the street after the ball. A car ran him over, and while he survived the impact, his condition was serious and the vet told my coworker that there was nothing he can do. My coworker put him down the next day. While it saddens me terribly, I find solace on the fact that his quality of life would have diminished greatly due to his injuries.
Rest in peace, little guy. We will never forget you.

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