Miracles for Madison

On January 15th, we attended the Miracles for Madison Family Walk-a-thon. The event doubled as both a fundraiser and a 2nd birthday party for Madison. Unfortunately, she could not make it. She’s in Jacksonville and had a few complications earlier in the week from her treatment, and her blood count was at zero.
There were so many people there offering their love and support to the Shafer family. There were food vendors, booths with games and crafts, bouncehouses and slides for the kids, even a stage where students from the high school where it was held (and where Madi’s mom works) and Madi’s preschool performed. The event raised over $23,000 for Madi’s care.
Madi should be done with her tretment in Jacksonville by the end of the month (just a few days away), then she’ll come home for 3 months of chemo, and an MRI to follow to make sure her tumor has not returned. At that point, she will begin therapy to start walking and talking again.
This little girl, just two years old, has endured more in a few months than most people go through in a lifetime.
Brandon said that he had so much fun at the event, that he couldn’t wait for next year’s “party”. Neither can I – it will be a celebration of life, of love, and of a cancer-free Madi!
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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