Our annual holiday photocard: planning ahead so I don’t fall behind

It’s the first week of November, which means it’s time for me to start looking into designs for this year’s Christmas cards. My favorite online photo service, Shutterfly, has more than 700 holiday cards options to choose from. I know that sounds really overwhelming, but they make it very easy. You can filter your options by how many images you want on the card (if any), the format, size, price, color, and even by the designer.
I haven’t yet decided if our card will have a picture (or pictures) of all of us or just the boys. It depends on the pictures we take in the next couple of weeks. I also don’t know what kind of card I’ll pick. Although I absolutely love classic colors like cranberry red and hunter green, I’ve done that before. I may decide to go the “playful” route and get a card with a brightly-colored, whimsical design. But I know that no matter what I choose, our Christmas photo cards will be spectacular! I’ve been a Shutterfly customer for over 7 years, and I’ve never had a complaint about a product.
My goal is to have my cards ordered and ready for addressing by Thanksgiving, to be mailed the first week of December. I’ve got a little over three weeks to take pictures, pick a layout and get them delivered. Sounds like plenty of time to get the perfect shots, but I’m not going anywhere without my camera in the near future, just in case!
Disclosure: I was provided with 50 free Shutterfly holiday cards for writing this post. The opinions shared are my own.

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