Miraculous Updates

Hi, remember me? Sorry for the silence around here. I’ve been more tired than usual, as is evident by my nightly ritual of sitting with hubby on the couch to watch TV, falling asleep within 20 minutes, and waking up an hour and a half later. Gotta do something about this slump I’m in….
But enought about me, I have wonderful news to share! Let’s start with Madison, who had an MRI on Friday and it was clear: the remaining 10% of the tumor they found in September is gone, gone, gone! She will still require precautionary chemo treatments for the next year, but the tumor they were concerned about is no more. Additionally, the MRI revealed that she had some liquid in her brain that would need draining, but on Monday the doctor informed the family that a procedure to remove it wouldn’t be necessary. How amazing is that?!
As for my friend’s baby girl K, who is six weeks old today…she’s a little fighter. She graduated to a less intensive ventilator over the weekend, and the medical team noticed she was breathing on her own. They mentioned it to mom and dad, and they were discussing removing her from the ventilator. She took matters into her own hands, literally, and ended up pulling the tubes away from her mouth with her tiny hands. The nurse realized she could hear her crying, went to check on her, and noticed the equipment was not in place. They called mom and let her know that the baby made the decision for them. She’s been breathing on her own for the last two days. Today she pulled the C-PAP mask off her face. She’s a fiesty little one, and we’re all so glad for it!

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