Brandon’s Project

According to Brandon, his presentation on Cuba went well on Friday. Here’s a picture of the final product. Because we run on adrenaline around here, we started on Monday and finished on Thursday night around 11:30pm (It was assigned two weeks ago), not long after hubby had to dash over to my friend W’s house to print the report. Of course my printer starting acting up as soon as we needed it.
We steered clear of any political commentary or age-inappropriate content. For example, the Cubano on the posterboard would be more complete with a couple of cigars in his guayabera pocket, but clearly that’s not very aproppriate for second graders. But weren’t the dominoes a nice touch?
I know that it was potentially a good opportunity to provide information regarding the truth about Cuba now and the welfare of the political prisoners and the like, but it would have definitely gone over the heads of the seven and eight-year-olds. It was not the proper audience, and consequently not the proper forum for politics. Do you agree?

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