An Expensive Holiday Weekend

Oh Ikea and Target, I cannot resist your siren song!
We went to Ikea on Saturday, with just two intentions: buy Brandon’s puppy, and get the boys new desks (just each). You know where this is going already, don’t you? We left with the plush puppy, a plush bunny for Matty, two desks, two chairs, two metal stands, a coffee table, three pans, and a candle holder. Things that make me feel better about our shopping excursion: our total spent was less than 0, and lunch for the boys cost nothing as kids ate free during the long weekend.
Yesterday was our weekly Target run, and I succumbed to the call of the red clearance tags. I found the lovely pillows you see in the picture below (also featuring our new coffee table). The camel colored pillows are “fuzzy”, according to the boys (aka suede), and were $6.98 each. The striped ones were a bit more expensive at $10.98 each. I originally wanted something orange (in the rust/brick/pumpkin family), but all I’d find in the shade I wanted were outdoor cushions, which would have been fine to satiate my whim if we had patio furniture. The ones we purchased yesterday are red with various shades of beiges and browns, so they tie in nicely with the palette in my living room, and I finally got the splash of color I’ve been looking for.
You may have noticed in the first picture there’s only one desk. One of them had a damaged piece, so we will be returning it next week. I already told hubby we will be heading straight to the customer service desk and out the door. We did enough shopping to last us a while. But in spite of it being an expensive weekend, it was also productive. The living room is cleaned up, the playroom is organized, the closet in the hallway is finally providing adequate storage (thanks to those shelving units we bought), and I emptied a tote from the outdoor storage room and sorted some stuff for the next community yard sale in November. Oh, and all the laundry is done, our kitchen is impeccable, and I listed some more of the boys’ old toys for sale online. Just looking at the list above makes me feel quite accomplished, and completely justifies the shopping spree.

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