Last Thursday, I finally got my much-coveted iPhone. Hubby gave me permission to purchase it as my anniversary present, and I in turn allowed him to think that I needed his permission as his present from me. We’re quirky like that.
For those that care about these kinds of things, I got the 3GS with 8GB of memory. As cool as it looks, I was apprehensive about purchasing the 4 since it’s still got kinks. The 3GS suits me just fine.
I’ve already browsed through the app categories and downloaded a few free ones: a handful of games for the boys, a money management app, the FB app (of course), the Target app (Duh!), Twitter and Shazam. I even got that barcode scanner one that tells you where to purchase something for a lower price, and keeps a running list of things you’ve run out of. I’ve yet to try that one out, but that’s only because I just installed it today.
Hubby and I no longer fight over our one desktop when we both need the computer because I can now use my phone if I want to check my email or look something up on the web. I feel so….connected. I love my new phone!

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