The Yard

Our much-neglected backyard got a bit of a makeover today. Hubby spent at least three hours weed-whacking the weeds and shrubs. When I got home, I helped him pick up all the trimmings, filling up six lawn garbage bags. It’s far from done, but right now it’s at least presentable. Hubby is going to finish it up tomorrow by pressure washing the tiled area and disposing of some bulk waste items we threw out there during recent weeks.
I love my little yard, but I’d love it even more if we had the monetary resources to really make it over. There is some debate about tearing down the tree that resides smack-dab in the middle of the yard. It’s a shame to tear down any tree, but it’s roots are bringing up some of the tiles along the side of the house, and could eventually damage the plumbing in our master bedroom. If and when the tree is gone, we would love to put up a gazebo with four patio chairs flanked by an outdoor fireplace. The boys would have so much fun cooking hot dogs and s’mores on that thing!
If we don’t cut down the tree, we’d like to cover up the dirt area with pavers, or pebbles, or bricks, or something that will stop the weeds from coming up. There’s a really cute bench I saw online many, many moons ago that can be placed around the tree, and I’d love to put some nice low-maintenance plants/bushes in pretty pots throughout the yard, sort of like this.
I hope to someday soon be able to convert our little patch of land into a peaceful little retreat, tree or no tree.

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