Now that the initial anger has subsided (and the full credit is in our account), I can tell you about our horrible experience with our hotel reservation during the long weekend. Because we had decided to leave for Tampa at the last minute, less than 48 hours before our arrival time, I found a decently priced room at the Hilton Garden Inn on Expedia.com while at work (SHHH!!) and told hubby to look for it and book it. He did just that, and besides the fact we had no cancellation option since we were booking it last minute, everything went off without a hitch. UNTIL: we arrived at the hotel Saturday night around 11:00pm, and when hubby went to check us in, there were no rooms available. The manager told hubby that they have this problem often, Expedia overbooking rooms, and we were the 10th or 11th family that night!
I was in the car with the boys while hubby was on the phone with Expedia demanding a refund, inside the lobby of the hotel, for over an hour before the manager offered to give us a voucher for a sister hotel. The Expedia rep decided that was good enough and offered us a partial refund of $25, but hubby insisted that the manager was the one offering a solution, not them, and he continued demanding a refund. While I remained in the car, I noticed two other people who drove up to check in, only to leave after about 15 minutes. I later saw these same people checking in at the sister hotel.
We drove to the sister hotel, checked in, went up to the room, unloaded our bags, and got the boys in bed, and all the while hubby remained on the phone. He spoke to at least four people during the two hours, and finally got off the phone with them at 1:30am.
Expedia claimed that the hotel gives them the reservation number when the reservation is confirmed, so it was actually the hotel’s fault that the overbooking happened. They repeatedly insisted that they could only offer the partial refund as a courtesy because it was not their fault. The hotel said it was Expedia’s fault because it was an Expedia reservation, not a Hilton reservation, so it was clearly not their fault. We didn’t really care whose fault it was, though Expedia was the one charging our account, and therefore should logically be the one to give the refund. Ultimately, we just needed a room to sleep in after spending 10 hours in a theme park, part of which was spent getting soaked from the rain. Thanks to the manager of the Hilton, we got a voucher for the night at the Hampton Inn down the street, as well as a complimentary breakfast the next morning. Could have been guilt on behalf of the company, or his own goodwill, but we were so very thankful for it.
This is our very first time ever booking anything through a travel site, we usually deal directly with the hotels. Has anyone every experienced anything like this with Expedia or any other similar company?

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