Safety First

Hubby and I were both groggy on the couch last night when we were startled by the fire alarm. I made a lazy dinner yesterday (personal pizza that the boys shared, and frozen sweet and sour chicken for hubby and me), so I knew it wasn’t triggered by anything we were cooking at the time. We looked and sniffed around, and by the time we walked back into the living room it had stopped. We’re guessing it’s time to change the battery, though typically it turns on and off intermittently when that’s the case. We are out of 9-volt batteries, so I pictured us having a sleepless night, interrupted by the thing going off throughout the night, but thankfully that did not happen. Note to self: buy 9-volt batteries sooner rather than later.
The non-incident did remind me that we need to buy a couple of fire extinguishers for the house. We bought a pair at the wholesale club we frequent about a year ago, but we noticed the valves seemed to be at the halfway mark, and figured they were either used or had a leak. We returned those, but didn’t have time that day to make the line for new ones, and left that task for another day. We never did get the replacement extinguishers. Clearly this is something we need to do. That’s one of those items you buy “just in case”, but hope to never have to use.
In spite of not owning extinguishers (yet), we are prepared in case of a fire emergency. The boys know to crawl low and get out if they see smoke, and I’ve taught Brandon how to unlatch his bedroom window just in case. And of course they learned “stop, drop and roll” in school. Since our house is made out of wood, these are our best options.

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