Saw Sex and the City 2 with my little sister and a few friends of ours on Saturday. I haven’t yet decided if I liked it, or if it was just “eh”. I did love Liza Minelli’s cameo, and Mr. Big and Aiden still got it (even if the ladies don’t so much anymore)!
In exactly two weeks, I will be in line for Eclipse with a bunch of Twihard friends from work, along with Claudia and hubby. I’m so excited, I could bite something!
I’ve tried to hone my savvy shopper skills, and have paid more attention to the sales going on at the different grocery stores, as well as clipping coupons I come across either in the mail or online. This weekend we did our grocery shopping, and spent less than 160 bucks: $80 at Costco, $57 at Publix, $6 at Winn Dixie and $13 at Sedanos. They are all within three miles of my house, so it was well worth the multiple stops.
Tomorrow is B’s last day as a First Grader. This year, he’s going to a “big boy” camp within our community, where they will take him on field trips, play all different types of sports, and teach him to swim. My little boy is little no more. *sniff*
I made $129 at the community yard sale on Saturday! That is almost three times as much as I made last February. Again, I was very good and didn’t browse the other spaces. The bulk of our earnings is going towards the deposit for our cruise next year. YAY!

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