Blah Blah Blah

We went to Kmart yesterday (haven’t been there in forever, I’m a Target girl through and through) and bought Brandon a new pair of sneakers and hubby a new pair of dress shoes for $21 combined. That is cheaper than a Payless BOGO sale, and I’ve got hubby’s Father’s Day present out of the way. WOOT!
I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to see Eat Pray Love in August. My mom and I are already planning our movie date.
I deep cleaned the boys’ room and playroom yesterday: dusted, vacuumed, changed linens, organized toys. Have a nice pile already for the upcoming yard sale in August.
What is one supposed to do with all the notebooks, papers, projects and workbooks kids bring home at the end of the school year? I just got a stack of stuff from Brandon, and I still haven’t gone through his kindergarten things.

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