Ya Que Syndrome

Hubby and I had a very productive Mother’s Day weekend. A friend of ours was selling a projection TV for a steal, and it was an offer we just couldn’t pass up, so we bought the thing for our living room. This meant we had to rearrange the living room, so ya que we had to move all the furniture, we decided to steam clean the carpet in the living room. Ya que we took out the steamer, we proceeded to steam the carpets in the boys’ room and the playroom. And ya que I was cleaning in there, I rearranged the boys’ closet, put away some hand-me-downs for Matty that Brandon recently outgrew, and moved some of the things in their playroom around.
Thanks to all that spring cleaning, my garage sale pile grew substantially. Among some toys, clothes and a few books, I now have two tv stands in my inventory. I’m quite looking forward to the community garage sale in a couple of weeks, and making a few bucks off these things to make up for the purchase of the TV.

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