Lost Tooth

Eric called me mid-day yesterday while I was at work to tell me that B swallowed his loose tooth while having lunch. B started crying because he thought the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come visit if there was no “evidence” (as WB described it when I told her about it). Before bedtime, I told B to write the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what happened. I told him I was sure that she would leave him a dollar, even if the tooth was missing. So he wrote:
Dear Tooth Fairy I swallowed my tooth by mistake today I hoe you well still bring me a dollar. love Brandon.
She wrote back, of course:
That’s okay Brandon, just remember next time to leave it in your box so I know where to find it. Love, -T.F.
He was so excited when he found a response, as well as a dollar bill on his nightstand! But he promises not to swallow any more teeth (accidentally or not), just in case.

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