In Season

My Godmother, the boys and I headed to Knaus Berry Farm on Saturday for a final visit before they close for the season. Last time we went I promised the boys they could do some picking and though the strawberries were scarce, the tomatoes were quite abundant.
We taught the boys how to pick the good ones: they checked for tenderness, made sure they came off the vine easily, and didn’t get the really green ones because then they take too long to ripen. They learned real fast, and before we knew it, our bucket was almost full.
We got almost 27 tomatoes for under $14, compared to $2.30 a pound at the supermarket (roughly 2 tomatoes, maybe less). This was so much fun, and cheap too! The season is just about over, but we’re definitely adding this to our “Fun Things To Do During the Spring” list.

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