Homework Time

Last night:
I planted a seed in Kindergarden.
My brother spilled bubblue mix by mistake.
I’m digging a hole so I can put a seed in it.
Tomorrow is Earth Day.
My Dad will be done sleeping by now.
Yesterday my Mom yelled at me. (I probably did, sometimes it’s the only way he listens)
Yesterday me and Sophia were crawling.
I like sailing on a boat. (So do I)
Every living thig grows tall. (Not quite, but okay.)
My brother sings songs at school. (He does, been trying to record him singing “Los Pollitos Dicen” for a week!)
My brother plays with me every weekend.
My Mom picked bread for us. (I actually did. I cut a loaf for dinner and picked a piece for each of us)
The water dripped today.
Today is Earth Day. To celebrate our family planted seeds. My brother picked the seeds while I helped mommy with the digging. We watered the plant. When my brother had a turn he spilled some of the it. When the plant grows we will be happy.

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