Homework Time

He came up with these all on his own this week. I was quite amused.
1. My dog Sandy is very kind.
2. Our class has 24 lights.
3. The lights are very bright.
4. I like pumpkin pie.
5. My Dad wears a tie every day.
6. I can see a bird flying.
7. My brother can’t make up his mind (Ain’t that the truth!)
8. Me and my brother like to play with our v-smile.
9. I’ll find your toy.
10. These pants are too tight.
11. What does flight mean?
12. I write with my right hand.
13. Food is energy* for plants animals and people.
Oh, and I forgot to post last night’s short story:
On Saturday my brother and I wake up and go to our playroom. If the sun is bright we don’t turn on the lights. Doing this saves energy. We can find many ways to be kind to our Earth.

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