Easter Weekend

Sorry it took me all week, peeps.I’ve had a very tiring last few days, and have not gotten near the computer after getting home.
My neighbors and high school friends W and B had an Easter Brunch on Saturday, and we had so much fun that (my) B declared the best Easter party ever! (Gee, thanks guys, no pressure there…*sarcasm*). W and B had the great idea to have storytime in the front yard while some of the adults set up the egg hunt in her backyard. Their handsome 4-year-old son Sam dressed up like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and acted out the scenes as his daddy read the story. W made some really cute laminates of the food items in the book so the “audience” could participate and give the caterpillar his goodies. It was a great idea, W and B are kiddie party geniuses!
After that, the frenzy began to get ourselves ready for our very own Easter Brunch. We spent Saturday afternoon shopping, cleaning and egg-stuffing for our 5th annual Dufau Family Easter Egg-stravaganza. Even though my big sis and her family didn’t make it, and neither did The Simos, we had a great turn-out. Due to our current financial strains, we requested that everyone bring a dish, and there was so much food we’re still eating party leftovers. There were 141 plastic eggs hidden in our front yard, and even the youngest of the kiddos participated in the search to find them all, with a four-legged cheerleader watching from the sidelines.
All our little hunters left with full baskets, and our family and friends left with warm hearts and full tummies…that’s all I asked for, and I’m truly blessed to be able to celebrate this beautiful day surrounded by loved ones, year after year.

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