The Shark Guy

My sister and I went to a wake yesterday evening, and afterwards went to Sergio’s for something to eat. We walked in and sat at one of the first tables, behind a guy eating by himself. I thought he looked familiar, but I wasn’t absolutely certain. We placed our order, and as we waited for our food, a family was walking across the area where we were sitting, and I hear a kid say to the man, “I’m a big fan of your show, nice to see you!”
Turns out my hunch was correct, it was Manny Puig. If the last name doesn’t sound familiar, you may know him as Manny the Shark Guy. I immediately texted hubby (who hates getting texts, but I figured this was worth the 25 cents as he’s a big fan), and called him to confirm he got it. The man was sitting literally over my left shoulder, so the text was necessary to let him know the scenario without embarrassing myself. Hubby told me to go ahead and say hi, that he used to talk to him all the time and that he’s very down to earth. In fact, hubby was the one who set up Manny’s ringtone when he worked for Sprint, and he was certain that Manny would remember that.
I turned around, excused myself for interrupting him, and introduced myself, saying I was the wife of the guy from the cell phone store, and told him the story. He smiled and remembered, said that he still uses the ringtone and turned around and chatted with my sister and I for well over 15 minutes. He told us that during his latest adventure, he was bitten by a python for the second time in his life, and got a souvenir out of it: half his ring finger on his left hand is missing!
My sister told him she is a 3rd grade teacher, and that she had just covered ecosystems in Science, and that lead to him getting up, going to his car, and getting some flyers he had. He brought her a stack to hand out to the kids in class (and them some, it looked like half a box of business cards!) and then here’s where things get weird: He asked my sister what ring size she is, took out a ring he made out of stainless steel from his shirt pocket, and tried it on her! He says he made it for a friend, but wasn’t sure of the size, and she had similar hands…It was so random. But he’s really a very nice guy, and we were very appreciative that he talked with us for a while.
Next time I see one of his specials on TV, I’m going to point him out to the boys and say, “that’s the first guy that ever put a ring on Titi’s finger!”

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