Love my new vacuum!!

A couple of weeks ago, our vacuum died. We had the Bissell with the detachable canister, and the thing that connected to the base (technical term) burnt out.
My coworker, who’s cousin is a manager at Brandsmart, was able to get us a new vacuum using his employee discount. Yesterday we used our new Bissell Cleanview Helix, and OMG that thing is amazing! We tested it out in the living room area, and by the time we finished 3/4 of the dirt bucket thing (another technical term) was full with all sorts of icky stuff.
This leads me to believe that our old Bissell was no longer sucking up dirt properly. After six years, I’m not really surprised, but can you believe all the garbage in that thing? You’d think I hadn’t vacuumed in months!
I really love my new vacuum, and I hope it serves us for as long, if not longer, than the old one.
(p.s. This is not a paid post, I just love my new vacuum and wanted to share.)

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