Next month will be one year since my doctor put me on a beta blocker to lower my blood pressure and decrease the heart palpitations caused by my previous job. I haven’t taken a single pill since last June, when I settled into my new job and realized what a completely different work environment it is. (Yes, I know it’s not wise to have stopped cold turkey, but I felt better, and I couldn’t go back to my doctor for the follow up as I no longer had insurance, and I didn’t want to be on meds unnecessarily).
I do ocassionally have our medical coordinator check my vitals, and if she’s not in the office I use our wristech blood pressure monitor, and I’m glad to report I have had consistently normal vitals in the last 11 months. Of course some days do get stressful, but my bosses and fellow employees know what matters: Health (physical as well as mental) comes first. Without that, you got nothin’!

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