Valentine’s Day

Hubby made us pancakes for breakfast, which I decorated for the boys. Shortly thereafter my in-laws arrived as FIL came to replace the siding on the back of the house (what a relief, that’s finally done!). Hubby stayed at home with his parents while the boys and I went to my grandfather’s to celebrate his 79th birthday (actually bday: tomorrow). I didn’t spent the day with my honey, but I did spend it with loved ones: my sister was there, spending most of her time wrapped in an electric blanket, and so were my mom, Godmother and uncle. Oh, and we took three of the four puppies so that they could spend some time with their soon-to-be new families. Plenty of love to go around with those attendees.
Hubby only works for a couple of hours tomorrow, so we’ll have all day to spend together. If the weather is a bit warmer (it was in the high 50’s all day long), we’ll take the boys to the park and just enjoy each other’s company.
What did you do with your special someone(s) today?

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