Reality check

Hubby ended up having to work yesterday, so after a bit of coaxing from my big sister, the boys and I joined her and my nephews at the zoo. The day was perfect for a visit to the zoo: it was in the high 60’s/very low 70’s, with the sky slightly cloudy and a very light breeze. Just about all the animals were in plain sight, most of them taking a leisurely nap in the shaded areas within their habitats. (I’ll post pictures tomorrow, just too lazy right now to download from the camera).
As much fun as I had with my sister, her friend, and six boys between us, I really would have preferred to take advantage of a long weekend and head to Central Florida. I was very tempted Friday evening to search online for Orlando vacation rentals, and my longing did not subside when my sister mentioned she and my brother-in-law are considering visiting The Mouse during Spring Break.
I’m worst than a child when it comes to Disney: I think I love it more than the boys do! I keep reminding myself that for the amount of money we’d spend going to Orlando for three days, we could go on a cruise, or even go to Vegas for a weekend.

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