Comparison shopping

We received a 1-Day Guest Pass for BJ’s wholesale club in the mail a few weeks ago, so we went today and did some comparison shopping. Our Costco membership expired a few months ago, and as much as it hurts us to part with the renewal fee these days, it hurts me even more to spend more on certain items at the grocery store. We definitely notice a difference in our budget, even with the added expense of a membership fee, so we have decided to bite the bullet this week and rejoin a wholesale club.
We spent about an hour at BJ’s, checking out the merchandise and comparing prices on some of our staples from Costco. We did put some things in the cart, and I was trying to keep a running tab in my head, but I lost track after a few items. It would have been great if they had barcode scanners throughout the store, but I don’t think any wholesale club does.
Anyway, as we’re approaching the registers hubby says, “I like Costco more”, and that was it. We took everything out of the cart, walked back to our car, and left. I didn’t really feel like fighting him on it. Even though we’re more likely to go more frequently (and thus spend more money), we’re all for staying within a three-mile radius from home for our household errands, so Costco wins this one.

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